Simple and powerful reactive templating


Interaction is eloquence.
-William Shakespeare, Coriolanus (pretty much)

Why do I need it?

  • Never touch the DOM by hand again - Hamlet does a great job of transparently keeping your model code in sync with the DOM. So much so that in most cases you never have to access a DOM element by hand. The resulting markup is free of excess attrs, data-attrs, and directives.
  • Iterate quickly with error proof templates - Automatic binding between model code and DOM elements makes templates very portable. Iterate quickly, moving templates around without having worry about code breaking or updating brittle selectors.
  • Write models with clean, expressive APIs - Models backing Hamlet templates are Plain Old JavaScript Objects. Not requiring a model system allows you to write objects with simple APIs that are easy to read, reason about, and debug.
Install Hamlet Only 3.7kb, minified and gzipped!